#Svetlana Voreskova!

Svetlana Voreskova has been banned from Medium https://medium.com and on International Woman’s Day too.

https://medium.com has banned Svetlana Voreskova and deleted her stories, presumably because of her expert data-based annihilation of Progressive Social Justice Warrior’s arguments, and they committed this act of censorship against this strong, independent  woman on International Women’s Day. Shame on Medium Administrators!

Svetlana isn’t just gone, so are all her stories. Every one I replied to now shows as “This story is unavailable.” That is censorship and suppression, and if imposed by Medium Admins, is a really stupid move. This is a tragedy for Medium: Svetlana was one of the truly original thinkers on Medium, so suppressing her for her conservative views debases the value of Medium. It is a poorer place without her, and I’ll miss her humour and concise logic. I may soon have to give up on Medium, too. I may follow Svetlana to WordPress too.

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